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YelloGear All-in Set

The name says it all: All-in!
That means “EVERYTHING, please” ūüôā
In this box you will find all components (as of 1.2.2018) except for the YelloGear Clipper. This is included even twice, that way our large modules, like the YelloGear Base or the BigPouch can be used without a belt at the waistband or with your own belt as well. Flexibility is EVERYTHING!


01.     YelloGear Sash
02.     YelloStrap Pro
03.     YelloGear MagPatch
04.     YelloGear Tape Holder
05.     YelloGear Pocket Black
06.     YelloGear Quiver
07.     YelloGear BigPouch
08.     YelloGear SteelPatch
09.     YelloGear TripleMini
10.     YelloGear SmallPouch
11.     YelloGear TriplePouch
12.     YelloGear Base
13.     YelloGear PocketClear
14.     YelloGear Belt
15.     YelloGear Clipper
16.     YelloGear ToolBox

Delivery without the mapped tools


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Tools for Signmaking and CarWrapping always at hand
The tool organization has a great importance in the Signmaking Technology. We at Yellotools know this and keep thinking about how we can make it easier for you to organize your Car Wrapping tools.

With our new organizational system “YelloGear” no wishes remain open. From the large sized tool bag to the practical tool wristband, every Sign Maker will find what he needs! Among the numerous products for the tool organization, you will of course also find our complete tool bag sets.

Everything for the organization of Car Wrapping and Sign Making Tools
With our practical bags for the Sign Making Technology you always have everything at hand.