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BodyGuardKnife Teflon

  • Vinyl cutter for clean and safe cuts
  • Stilt with high-quality Teflon coating
  • No constantly renewal of a Teflon film
  • Safety knife with highest sliding properties
  • Can be combined with other BodyGuardKnife components

Attention: Our complete BodyGuardKnife Family has a blade guard that needs to be removed before use!

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BodyGuardKnife TWIN Teflon

  • Foil cutter 2.0 – Better sliding properties for advertising technology

    Our customer Ralph Mittman from, as a real “LEAN thinker”, had the brilliant idea for our popular BodyGuardKnife TWIN safety knife . With this, he can separate a complete strip from the liner in one go, which greatly facilitates the application of digital prints on signs, window panes and all upright surfaces.

    By the way, among our special tools you will even find a magnetic solution that makes it even easier to apply to glass surfaces.

    Yellotools offers you a professional solution for everything! 🙂

    Safety knife with two blades for the median strip cut in one go

    The ultimate further development of the BodyGuardKnife TWIN offers you enormously high sliding properties thanks to the Teflon sliding feet. A complete median strip cut is easily possible in one go, without getting stuck. The Teflon film cutter version should not be missing in any advertising technology tool trolley! You can of course also get the Teflon sliding feet ” ProTeflon Shoe ” to retrofit your “old school” bodyguard knife .

    Remember to remove the blade guard before use! 🙂

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YelloGuide Flexi

Signmaker Cutter for cutting inner and outer contours in Sign Making

Now in new design 2020! We have improved the grip for you once again!

You need a clean cut along an inner or outer contour with a distance of 3, 4 or 5 mm from the enclosure? On top of that you want a signmaker cutter, which is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed?

All that is no problem for our new YelloGuide Flexi! 🙂

This sign making tool offers you a fabulous 12-in-1 solution! With its versatility, the vinyl cutter “YelloGuide Flexi” is a true multi-tool for signmakers that should not be missing in any tool trolley. It’s quite possible that even the dreaded distance cuts when cutting your vinyls will be one of your favorite tasks in future with this signmaker cutter.

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High-quality Cutter for Sign Making Technicians – Made in Germany
The Yellotools Sign Making Shop offers you everything that the Sign Maker’s heart desires.

Through close cooperation with our customers from all over the world we offer professional cutting tools for almost every situation. Vinyl cutting in Sign Making and the Car Wrapping becomes a real pleasure with a professional safety knife, cutter or rotary cutter by Yellotools!