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CuttingMat XXL “Crystal” | 1.5m wide

    • Price per meter
    • Self-healing surface
    • Width: 1.5m 
    • Length: 1m to 20m
    • 5 mm material thickness
    • Maximum cutting comfort
    • Absolute flatness
    • Double service life thanks to double-sided use
    • clear material, also suitable for light tables
    • Light reflection resistant
    • Cut to length on request (tolerance in length and width +/- 2%)
    • slight color deviations possible !!!

    Special sizes are of course also available. 

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Cutting mats for professional signmakers
Buy your Cutting Mat directly from the professional for advertising technology accessories and tools! When it comes to the precise cut with the rotary cutter or the cutter, you need a high-quality cutting mat . We offer different models 6 different widths and a length up to 20 meters . Flexible, transparent, antistatic or matt, self-healing and 5 mm material thickness with absolute flatness – Made in Germany!

NEW ! Are you looking for a cutting mat that does not reflect light? No problem!
The new Yellotools CuttingMats Frosted offer you an anti-light reflection surface that “swallows” your hall lighting ! No annoying dazzled more …