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  • material: High carbon steel
  • price: per VE
  • Product type: Replacement blades

Available as:

  • Snap-off blades 9mm 59 °
  • Snap-off blades 9mm 30 °
  • Snap-off blades 18mm 59 °
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Cutter knife blades in a class of their own – the “Titan Super Blades”

Many of you literally shouted for “the super blade”, because we only had inexpensive standard blades in our range. So we went in search of the ultimate cutter blade and plunged into the world of folded, drawn, cast, coated and uncoated snap-off blades for you.

You know us – of course we found the perfect solution! 🙂

The super sharp cutter blade for advertising technology

“Knife sharp” … cutter blades are somehow always! But what does that really mean?

According to leading blade manufacturers in Germany, hardened blades that also have a titanium nitride surface coating are the measure of all things. This wafer-thin layer extends the lifespan of the cutter blade and, thanks to its excellent sliding properties, ensures maximum precision when cutting in advertising technology.

Numerous tests by independent adhesive professionals have confirmed it. The TitanBlades from Yellotools ensure a perfect cut without any pressure on the knife. Even an already glued film can be cut 2/3 effortlessly without damaging the surface – of course this requires a certain amount of practice and tact!

The TitanBlades prove that it is not only Japanese who can fold steel … cutter knives made in Germany are still state of the art in this area too! If you want to know more details , you should take a look at the Yellotools blade science .

Of course, the standard blades remain in the range, since the TitanBlades are certainly too good to shred old boxes. The Yellotools titanium blades are always packed in a handy 10-dispenser, which in any advertising technicians tool bag fits.

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