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Photo White Satin 270gsm 111,8cm X 15m

289,41 "Excluding Vat"
Photo White Satin is a Velvety soft Photo paper, high white, satin 100% α-cellulose, for photo prints, graphics and drawings, special inkjet coating for presentations and a brilliant color rendering. Finished on a fourdrinier machine, Photo White Satin was created for digital applications with the structure, the feel and the beauty of traditional materials. It is characterized by the velvety soft, white surface and is made of 100% α-cellulose, making it well suited for photo applications and photo-realistic renditions. Photo White Satin distincts itself from other FineArt media through its satin inkjet coating. It was created for the high-quality requirements of the demanding user. With PhotoWhite Satin harmonious color intensity and exact sharpness can be attained using pigment or dye inks and on all print systems. This FineArt paper was made according to the DIN 6738 / ISO 9706 norms for archival paper.

Radiant White 270gsm 111,8cm X 15m

321,29 "Excluding Vat"
Radiant White is a bright white PhotoArt paper with a special smooth bright white surface, ideal for archival quality photographic images. The bright white base yields a high D-Max with exceptional tonal range and color gamut. Acid-free and "WIR" certified Radiant White is the ideal complement to the natural white hot press papers. It is characterized by an extremely velvety haptic and is made of 100% α-Cellulose. The paper is ideal for black and white photo applications as well as high-quality color-intensive FineArt prints. Due to the optimized ink jet coating, a large colour gamut, high contrast and colour density can be achieved with pigment and dye inks and with most printing systems. Radiant White was designed especially for photographers printing black and white photos, who demand a high-quality surface. The bright white PhotoArt paper is acid and ligning free, ideal for long-term archivability

White Velvet 270gsm 111,8cm X 15m

261,90 "Excluding Vat"
White Velvet 270 Paper has a 25% rag bright white paper that gives it a soft, very homogeneous surface structure. The paper is suitable for use in all wide format and desktop inkjet printers.
The printed side of this paper has been specially coated for excellent image sharpness and optimum color graduation, along with a coating that offers a very high level of water resistance

Canvas 450gsm 1152,4cm X 15m

538,44 "Excluding Vat"
A white blend-fabric canvas featuring an extremely fine-woven structure. Ideal for prints on stretcher frames. 450 gsm, poly-cotton, white

Cotton Matte Smooth 300gsm 152,4cm X 15m

439,79 "Excluding Vat"
With a smooth matte surface, Cotton Matte Smooth Paper will provide artists and photographers with a pleasing medium with which to display their work. Made from 100% cotton with a basis weight of 300 gsm and a thickness of 19.7 mil, this hefty paper will inspire confidence. It also features an opacity of 99% and through the use of minimal OBA content is able to achieve a whiteness of 104%. Additionally, it is acid free and buffered for longevity and is both instant drying and water resistant.

Cotton Matte Textured 300gsm 152,4cm X 15m

439,79 "Excluding Vat"
A fine watercolor structure defines the unique character of  Cotton Matte Textured Paper which is made from 100% cotton rag. It offers a heavy basis weight of 310 gsm and a thickness of 20.9 mil along with a rated opacity of 99% and a whiteness of 100% thanks to the use of OBAs. The matte surface is water-resistant and instant drying for minimizing damage and is acid-free and calcium carbonate buffered for longevity.

Fibre Gloss 300gsm 152.4cm X 15m

410,20 "Excluding Vat"
300 gsm, 100% alpha-cellulose, white, glossy. This paper made of pure pulp captivates with its fine gloss and light structure. Fibre Gloss is a high-quality photo paper designed to deliver exceptional results in the world of professional and artistic printing. This premium paper offers a distinctive combination of features, making it a standout choice for photographers and artists seeking to showcase their work with unparalleled clarity and depth. Fibre Gloss is an excellent choice for anyone who wants their prints to be a true work of art. Its glossy finish, fiber-based composition, and outstanding print quality combine to create a visually striking and long-lasting representation of your creative vision. Whether it's for personal enjoyment, exhibitions, or client work, this paper offers the quality and durability that professionals and enthusiasts demand.