Prisma 250 – 61cm X 5m

 38.15 "Excluding Vat"

PMC 250 BW “prisma”

250 g – Photo paper, bright white, structured

Satin photo paper, bright white with a fast dry, microporous coating. Universally printable with pigmented and dye ink. The characteristic prism-surface hinders scan-and copy-reproduction.



Prisma 250 Universally applicable photo paper with a satin-glossy surface. Color pictures are reproduced in a nearly photo-realistic way with high color fidelity, lively and detailed reproduction. The prints are immediately dry, water-repellent and smear-resistant. mediaJET PMC 250 BW “prisma” is universally applicable with pigmented ink as well as dye-based ink on a number of Piezo and BubbleJet Large Format Printers. It is particularly suitable for prints were besides of great detail fidelity and sharp outlines full colors should stress photo-realistic reproduction. That expressly developed characteristic prism structured surface used as security against Scan and Copy reproduction of valuable original prints. The high resolution, satin mediaJET PMC 250 BW “prisma” is suited for cold lamination, due to the resistant surface for most indoor applications lamination is not necessary.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 61 × 18 × 18 cm
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