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  • colour:orange,transparent
  • price:per VE
  • Extras:integrated scale
  • Product type:Alignment aid
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You want to make the edges of the signs visible again …?

In front of you is your shield to be concealed. Your print is of course slightly larger than the sign. Now you put the pressure on the sign and suddenly you can no longer see the edges …! Goofy, right?
How do you align the pressure now? With “feel” where the edge of the sign is? Cutting the print to be able to see the outer contour at least here and there? Somehow not really professional, is it? Your colleague Arndt Palzer thought that too and developed the ingenious PrintJoggle. Simply press the inside corners of the PrintJoggle onto the corner of the label and the corners of the print under the plexiglass panelsof the joggle. The printed scale shows you exactly the position of the outer edge of the sign. Just align the pressure on this scale and you are “in the green” …!

Give it a try – this ingenious tool saves you many, many hours, dirty prints and, above all, nerves. Thank you, Arndt – you too have improved your advertising technology all over the world with your idea.
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