MagTape Ruler

 19.90 "Excluding Vat"

Length:,100 cm,25 cm,150 cm
Material:spring steel strip
Price:per piece
Extras:incl. x-treme mat
Product Type:measuring tape,magnetic holder
Included:1 pcs
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Magnetic measuring tape for all non-magnetic surfaces

Awesome idea by Craig Devine (Australia) and Maris Dubra (WMT Baltic, Latvia). Both are raving fans of our MagicStick X-treme, but they had something else in mind…! So they asked for a longer, wider version, made of steel sothey could use magnets on them. Pretty smart, Gentlemen 🙂 They want to turn all non-magnetic surfaces, such as glass, plastic and aluminum, into surfaces where they can utilize magnets.

Making shop windows, plastic, glass and much more magnetic 😉

We´ve designed a 40mm (1.6”) wide springsteel blade with an easily readable scale and our “magic” X-treme mat, to align prints, graphics or plotted vinyls onto non-magnetic surfaces, like shopwindows, plastic fenders, aluminum cars or trucks and much more. Now they can use our SpeedMags  to do this kind of work, rather than annoying masking tape or an expensive second pair of hands.

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Additional information

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