ECO Credentials
“Small ripples of change.. making waves of difference”

Did you know?

  • Plastic straws are made of polypropylene, a petroleum bi-product & the same stuff that fuels our vehicles.
  • All plastics, including bioplastics, plant-plastics, and compostable plastics are harmful to the marine environment.
  • Plastic straws are among the top 10 debris items. 44% of all seabirds & mammals have ingested plastic.
  • 90% of all trash floating in the world’s oceans is comprised of plastic.
We cannot deny that NO STRAW is the best policy, limiting any waste at all is, without doubt, the best policy. But whilst there are still plastics being made we are offering an eco and pretty alternative to this.
EU food contact material
Our paper straws are naturally biodegradable and recyclable. They are what we term TRULY ECO –   compostable naturally at ambient temperature and even in the Ocean (unlike plastics or fake compostable plastics).
ALL our paper is certified as from renewable, sustainable sources, via international standards.  Meaning there is a traceable chain of custody from tree to straw.
Our straws are tested and approved to international food safety standards to EU Resolution AP (2002) and Regulation No 1935/2004. We also have tests to FDA food standards.
100% Natural
iso 9001
Our straws are made from only paper and a little bit of food grade glue. The secret to their quality and sipability is in our unique specialist heavier grade paper and the twist of the process.  We think they are second to none.
Manufacturing is certified to international quality assurance standards including ISO9001 and BRC food packaging standards as well as working health and safety.  We have helped set the modern standard on paper straws durability and make.