FineNotes notebooks – notebooks for people who love writing

The finest papers with the genuine rooster watermark have been used for centuries and continue to do so today – even for the art of writing. Bound in Hahnemühle FineNotes Notebooks, they appeal to all the senses. The elegant creamy natural white Hahnemühle paper with a silky-smooth surface and genuine watermark is perfect for very personal entries. Available are a luxury leather cover and a recycled leather cover with Saffiano embossing. Both notebooks – Iconic Notebook and Manuscript Notebook – provide a haptically and visually impressive writing experience.

1584 by Hahnemuhle (3)

Iconic Notebook (1)

Manuscript Notebook (1)

The Cappuccino Book (2)


Nostalgie Sketchbook (6)

DiaryFlex (6)

Sketch Diary Black (3)

Travel Journals & Travel Booklets (4)