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EdgeWrap Cutter  39.90 "Excluding Vat"

CuttingMat XXL “Crystal” | 1.5m wide

 89.90 "Excluding Vat"

    • Price per meter
    • Self-healing surface
    • Width: 1.5m 
    • Length: 1m to 20m
    • 5 mm material thickness
    • Maximum cutting comfort
    • Absolute flatness
    • Double service life thanks to double-sided use
    • clear material, also suitable for light tables
    • Light reflection resistant
    • Cut to length on request (tolerance in length and width +/- 2%)
    • slight color deviations possible !!!

    Special sizes are of course also available. 

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The XXL cutting mat – the original!

The most important thing for the professional advertising technician is not only high-quality cutting tools , but also an organized workplace with a high-quality cutting surface . A large cutting mat  from Yellotools should of course not be missing here. This means that the film can be cut  cleanly and safely with a roller knife or cutter .

Self-healing cutting mat from Yellotools: Made in Germany!

No more pieced together mini cutting pads . Annoying separating cuts are now a thing of the past. At Yellotools you can individually adapt your cutting mat to your workplace. The original from Yellotools is available in 6 different widths and a length of up to 20 meters . Simply choose the width you need: 1.0 m , 1.3 m , 1.5 m, 1.7 m , 2.0 m or even 2.2 m .

XXL cutting mat without harmful substances – safety for advertising technicians

Our CuttingMat Crystal consists of a special plastic mixture that was assembled according to our specifications. Here you will not find any pollutants that endanger your health.

Professional Cutting Mats by Yellotools stand for top quality

The density of the material is higher in the middle of this self-healing cutting mat. Outwardly, it is progressively reduced. This prevents small particles from being cut out of your knife lines and a self-healing effect of the cutting mat . But there are other advantages for you.

High cutting comfort and usable on both sides

Thanks to the special material composition, extremely high cutting comfort and extremely long durability are achieved. Of course, you can use the cutting pad from both sides, so you can easily double the lifespan.

Are you looking for a cutting mat for your light table? No problem!

Yellotools Cutting Mats Crystal offer absolute flatness from day one and are light reflection resistant . So the crystal-clear cutting mat can also be used on light tables. This allows you to position graphics, drawings or templates in a protected but visible manner at any time, directly on your workplace. This also means that your cutting ruler always lies clean.

XXL cutting mat for every branch

Our CuttingMat Crystal has of course not only been developed for advertising technology . The possible uses are limitless. You can also use it as a crafting pad, cutting pad or for sewing, to name just a few.


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